Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Training Academy

Kyiv, 09/28/2017

Last updated 19/03/2018

I agree and accept the terms of use and privacy policy of TRAINING.ACADEMY ("the Terms") and agree to comply fully and unconditionally with all their provisions.

Terms of use

  1. Basic concepts and definitions

1.1. Training Academy - (hereinafter - Administration; TRAINING.ACADEMY; ACADEMY) is a resource on the Internet under the domain name training.academy, whose functionality allows Partner-Experts to create, deploy and market their own Products (services) to Users. The natural person-entrepreneur Novosad Fedir Nikolaevich (INN 3207218659) is an authorized representative of the resource https://training.academy. TRAINING.ACADEMY, in order to ensure the work of the resource, has the right to involve third parties.

1.2. User is an individual (acting on his own behalf or on behalf of the person she represents) that agrees with the Terms of Use of the TRAINING.ACADEMY Knowledgebase and Privacy Policy (posted at (https://training.academy/terms) and registered with the Personal Account at TRAINING.ACADEMY.

1.3. Expert-Partner is a User who is a TRAINING.ACADEMY Partner and additionally uses the TRAINING.ACADEMY functionality as a means for placing and implementing his (or on his own behalf, or on behalf of the legal entity (institution, institution, etc.) that he represents) Products to other Users.

1.4. Content - means online broadcasting, webinars, phonograms, videograms, text, graphics, audiovisual, authoring programs or any other material developed, organized or provided by TRAINING.ACADEMY ("Content TRAINING.ACADEMY") or an Expert Partner (hereinafter referred to as "Partner Content") and located (accessible) on TRAINING.ACADEMY for search, order and use by the User under the relevant terms.

1.5. Products (Services) (both paid and non-paid) - Products and / or services (Seminars, Conferences, Courses, Trainings, Master classes, Coaching sessions, Programs, Lectures, Transformation games, Consultations and / or other services in formats Events, Videos, Online Broadcasts, Webinars, Consultations, Corporate Training, Audio, Text Information, etc.) that are offered and / or implemented by the Partner Partner using the TRAINING.ACADEMY function. The terms and conditions for the provision of services to Partner Partners shall be specified by the Individual Contract for the provision of services between the User and the Partner-Expert and the terms and conditions specified on the page of the respective Expert Partner Product at https://training.academy.

  • The event is a Product (Seminar, Conference, Course, Training, Master Class, Coach Session, Program, Lecture, Game, Consultation and / or others), where the service is provided in the format of live events with a specific, unilaterally Expert- partner, venue, format, theme, program, date and time interval. Information is indicated on the relevant Product page at https://training.academy.
  • Online broadcasting (Online Lecture, Video Conferencing) is a Product (Seminar, Conference, Course, Training, Master Class, Program, Lecture, Game) where the service is provided in the format of providing access to the Content for viewing in real time, without bilateral communication with the Partner Expert, with a specific, unilaterally identified Partner, subject, program, date and period of time during which the Service is provided. The user is given access to the Content in the Personal Area which he can view through the TRAINING.ACADEMY function via his own computer device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.) connected to the Internet and with a pre-installed latest version of the browser. Additional terms and conditions are indicated on the respective Product page at https://training.academy.
  • Webinar (Webinar, Online Lecture, Video Conferencing, Online Classes) is a Product (Seminar, Conference, Course, Training, Master Class, Coach Session, Program, Lecture, Game, Consultation and / or other) where the service is provided in the format of the provision of access to the Content for participation (the possibility of two-way communication (for example, in a chat room) in real time with a specific, unilaterally partner-partner, topic, program, date, time interval and technical means (for example, a webinar room) during which is provided by the Service. The user has access to the Content in his Personal Area which he can view using the partial use of the TRAINING.ACADEMY function, or, if the service is organized by an External Partner Expert (a webinar room, etc.), without the possibility of integration, then the User in his personal account is given a link and additional data for access (login, password, etc.) for the transition to an external resource, and for the organization of such a Webinar, the sole responsibility of the partner is responsibility. The user can participate in the Webinar or browse the Content through their own computer device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.), connected to the Internet, which is supported by the relevant resource (webinar, etc.). Information is indicated on the respective Product page at https://training.academy and on the pages of the relevant resources through which the Webinar is organized.
  • Video / Audio (Video / Audio Course, Video / Audio Lecture, Video / Audio Record) - This is a Product in which the service is provided by providing access for viewing Content (viewing / listening to the video / audio recording of the Seminar, Conference, Course , Training, Master Class, Programs, Lectures, etc.) with a specific, unilaterally-partnered Partner, topic, program, and timing of access to the Content. The user has access to the Content in his Personal Area which he can view through the TRAINING.ACADEMY functionality through his own computer device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.) connected to the Internet. Information is indicated on the relevant Product page at https://training.academy.
  • Consultation / Business (personal or group counseling, corporate training, etc.) - This is a Product in which the service is provided by individual or group counseling on subjects and terms previously agreed upon between the User and the Partner Expert. The user must familiarize himself with the terms and conditions on the page of the relevant Product posted at https://training.academy and agree the additional terms directly with the service provider (an Associate Expert Partner), after which he can pay for the services through TRAINING.ACADEMY and receive a ticket (certificate) for the right get the service. TRAINING.ACADEMY is not responsible for the implementation of the agreements reached by the parties, but only provides technical means for presenting, familiarizing and calculating the service between the User and the Partner-Expert.
  • Files (books, articles, templates, presentations, reviews, magazines, tests, etc.) - This is a product in which the service is provided by providing access to the Content, namely downloading files with information in .docx .pdf .ppt .xlsx .epub formats. fb2 .mobi .txt .html .rtf .djvu .psd .ai and others.
  • A Product Package is a type of Product that combines two or more Products specified in Clause 1.5 and is implemented on TRAINING.ACADEMY by its own, unilaterally determined Partner Partner terms and conditions specified on the respective Product Package page at https: // training academy

1.6. Registration Personal-Account (process) enabling any person agreeing to all, without exception, the terms of this Agreement, to become the User of TRAINING.ACADEMY. Registration is performed solely on a voluntary basis and corresponds to the actual intentions of the User.

1.7. The User Account (hereinafter - the Profile, Personal account) is a part of TRAINING.ACADEMY, created by each User at the Registration, containing the User's information and information about the Purchased Products on TRAINING.ACADEMY.

1.8. Username (Login) - specified at Registration of the user's e-mail address.

1.9. The password is a sequence of characters that is known only to the User stored in TRAINING.ACADEMY in an encrypted form and used in conjunction with the Login for Authentication of the User.

1.10. Authentication - certification of the competence of the user's remote referral to TRAINING.ACADEMY through login and password.

1.11. Authorized Access - Access provided on successful Authentication.

1.12. An order is a process during which the User orders and pays the Tickets for the corresponding Product for himself or other Participants, the details of which are entered into the participant's form. Successful payment of the order means the formation and sending of Tickets to the participants.

1.13. Ticket (Electronic Ticket) is an electronic document (which has the form of a hyperlink or QR code), which certifies the right of its holder to receive the relevant Services during the validity period of the Ticket in accordance with the specified conditions of the Product. The ticket is listed on the product page at https://training.academy

1.14. A participant is an individual who owns the Ticket.

1.15. Activation of a Ticket is a process that confirms the use / receipt of a Ticket by a Participant. Going to the Participant by link and accessing the Content in the Personal Office or receiving a Ticket to the West by e-mail.

1.16. Customer - a User who has made and paid for a Product Order from an Expert-Partner.

1.17. Partner's Intellectual Property Objects - Signs for goods and services, materials protected by copyrights and related rights, logos and commercial names owned or obtained by the Partner Partner under license.

1.18. The User's Registration Information means the User's information, including his full name, email, contact number, as well as any other information provided by the Customer at the time of issuing the Tickets.

1.19. Extract-Partner Agreement with the User (hereinafter referred to as the Offer Agreement) - Contract for the provision of information services by the Expert-Partner to the User. The acceptance of the Offer Agreement by the User is a prerequisite for ordering and purchasing the Product at TRAINING.ACADEMY.

 2. General provisions

2.1. These Terms apply to all TRAINING.ACADEMY Users, regardless of the purpose of their use of TRAINING.ACADEMY, and represent a public offer. These Terms of Service apply to Users from the time of the Registration and each subsequent access to TAINING.ACADEMY using the Login and Password. Clicking the "Register" button means the User's full and unconditional consent to these Terms (acceptance of the offer). In case of non-compliance with these Terms or with its separate provisions, the User undertakes to terminate the review and any use of TAINING.ACADEMY.

2.2. The current version of the Terms of Service is on Ukraininan language and located at https://training.academy/uk/terms. The Administration reserves the right to modify or supplement the text of these Terms at any time without the prior or subsequent notice of the User about this. The user keeps track of the changes to these Terms and conditions and becomes familiar with their current version. Continued use of AINING.ACADEMY by the user after making changes or additions to the Terms means acceptance and consent of the User with such changes or additions.

 3. Rules for accessing TAINING.ACADEMY

3.1. To use TAINING.ACADEMY, the User makes a Registration.

3.2. Personal-Accounts can only be created by people who are over 14 years of age. Accounts for persons under the age of 14 may be created by one parent or legal guardian. Minors under the age of 18 must read this Agreement carefully with one parent or legal guardian.

3.3. When registering, the User is obliged to check the accuracy of his data entered in the corresponding registration form, namely, Name, Surname, Phone Number and E-mail. All and any personal information is provided by the User at his own discretion to use TAINING.ACADEMY.

3.4. The user is obliged to confirm: E-mail and phone number, using the automation mechanism that is available on TRAINING.ACADEMY.

3.5. It is forbidden to use invalid or non-verified registration data; Using an account that has invalid and/or unverified e-mail and/or phone number is considered a violation of these Terms. Such Accounts may be blocked or removed by the Administration without the consent of the User.

3.6. The User accepts all responsibility for the safety and security of the Login and Password, including for the observance of all security measures, as well as for all actions undertaken with the use of the Login and User Password.

3.7. In case of loss of the Password, the User may go through the appropriate procedure provided for TAINING.ACADEMY to recover the password.

3.8. The User is obligated to use TAINING.ACADEMY solely in accordance with these Terms.

3.9. Deleting a User Account from TAINING.ACADEMY may be made by the Authority upon the User's personal written request and / or in the presence of the grounds provided for by these Terms.

3.10. The User agrees to promptly notify the Administration of any breach of security associated with access to TAINING.ACADEMY, which is made using the User's Login and Password without his knowledge and without his consent. The Administration does not accept any liability for any breach of security, including the loss, alteration or destruction of data resulting from the Authorized Access of Third Parties to TAINING.ACADEMY with the Login and User Password.

3.11. The administration provides automated password recovery tools at TAINING.ACADEMY. The Administration reserves the right to restrict the use of such means, as well as temporarily or completely suspend their work. The Administration is not responsible for the loss of information for access to TAINING.ACADEMY, which has been caused by the User's fault or negligence, as well as any consequences that may result from it.

3.12. The User agrees to comply with all of these Terms and Conditions. The User is aware that the Administration has the discretion, at its discretion and without any special notice or warning, to restrict the User's access to TAINING.ACADEMY due to a breach of these Terms of Service.


4.1. The Administration does not control the content of the User's Profile and therefore does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness or quality. The Administration is under no circumstances responsible for the content, including any errors, as well as any form of damages or damage caused by the use of TRAINING.ACADEMY.

4.2. Administration and Expert-Partner are not liable in cases of direct or indirect financial or other losses caused by Temporary Disability TRAINING.ACADEMY for the following reasons: planned or unscheduled technical or preventive work, technical interruptions of Internet providers, computer networks, services , servers or facilities, as well as illegal actions of third parties (from intent, intent or negligence), the actions of the User itself or force majeure circumstances. In doing so, the Administration undertakes to make maximum efforts to restore TRAINING.ACADEMY performance in the shortest possible time. The administration ensures the operation of TRAINING.ACADEMY in the round-the-clock mode, however, it does not guarantee the absence of interruptions due to technical problems or prevention work.

 5. Rules for ordering products on TRAINING.ACADEMY

5.1. All Products (services) that are hosted on TRAINING.ACADEMY are offered and implemented by Expert-Partners, therefore TRAINING.ACADEMY has no direct relationship with the provision of such Services to Users.

5.2. The user, prior to executing the order for TRAINING.ACADEMY of the respective Product, must accept the terms of the Offer Agreement which is offered by the relevant Expert-Partner and additional terms of the Product that the Expert-Partner has placed on the Product page.

5.3. In order to register additional participants during the Order, the User guarantees that he has sufficient rights to enter data and confirms the correctness of the completed data on the relevant participants for whom to order the Tickets.

5.4. The Customer agrees that the Expert-Partner and TRAINING.ACADEMY are not responsible for the unauthorized activation of the tickets purchased by the Customer. Tickets will be automatically sent to the Customer and to the electronic addresses specified by the customer when filling out the order form.

5.5. When choosing a "Order invoice (for legal entities)" payment method, places will be reserved within 3 days from the time of ordering, but the reservation will cease in any case one day before the start of the event / ONLINE broadcast/ Webinar, if the account will not be paid

5.6. When choosing a payment method "Pay now with a card from any bank of the world", the places will be reserved within 15 min. from the time of order, but the reservation will fall in any case one day before the start of the Event / ONLINE / Webinar -translation, if the order is not paid.

5.7. After payment of the Order, the places are reserved for the Participants, and all registered participants will be sent Tickets that they can use (Activate by themselves) for their intended purpose.

 6. The rules for the placement of information protected by intellectual property laws

6.1. All materials presented on TRAINING.ACADEMY, including images, program code, logos, graphics, trademarks, sounds, photos and videos, etc., are intellectual property and are protected by law.

6.2. When using TRAINING.ACADEMY, any actions by Users that may harm or infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party are prohibited. For such actions, the User is liable personally and in full, and also undertakes to compensate the Administration and / or the corresponding rights holder whose rights are violated, all documented losses.

6.3. On TRAINING.ACADEMY, the User has the right to publish and use only those messages, objects and information (including, but not limited to, the Profile image, comment text, photographs, videos, etc.) that do not violate current Ukrainian legislation and / or rights of third parties. In the event that such work is an intellectual property object or includes it, the User guarantees that he has the right to such use. By posting these objects to TRAINING.ACADEMY, the User gives TRAINING.ACADEMY (non-exclusive free license) the use of the data without restrictions on territory and time, unlimited number of times, by reproducing, distributing, translating, publicly speaking, notifying (on air and cable), demonstration, demonstration, bringing the public to the public in such a way that everyone has access to them at any time and from any place of their choice.

6.4. The Administration reserves the right to block and / or remove any information posted by the User if it violates any rights of third parties, including, but not limited to: copyright, related, business reputation, as well as at the request of the right holder or without such.

6.5. The Administration is under no circumstances responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties, if such violation was caused by the actions of the User or Expert-partner.

6.6. TRAINING.ACADEMY invites authors and copyright holders to place their Products on TRAINING.ACADEMY for their use by Users under the relevant agreement (Terms for Partner Experts are discussed individually). An application for partners must be submitted to the address info@training.academy with the theme "I want to become a partner." TRAINING.ACADEMY reserves the right to refuse anyone to become an Expert- Partner without explaining the reasons.

 7. Prohibited use of TRAINING.ACADEMY

7.1. Users are not allowed to use TRAINING.ACADEMY for:

  • posting, creating, uploading, sending or any other way of posting information in the following content:
  • information that affects a sense of dignity, degrades, threatens, offends or in any other way violates the rights of a person, stirring up interethnic, interethnic hostility;
  • violates the rights and / or interests of any third parties;
  • advertising that is not specifically authorized by the Administration; information containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs that may destroy or limit the functionality of TRAINING.ACADEMY, software, computer or telecommunication equipment;

7.2. use of other people's Logins and Passwords in order to put themselves into another person without sufficient grounds;

7.3. persecution, causing anxiety to others;

7.4. collecting or storing confidential data about other Users;

7.5. deliberate or unconscious violation of the law;

7.6. Damage (both property and non-property), damage to the business reputation of TRAINING.ACADEMY or the Expert-partner.

 8. Moderation

8.1. The Administration reserves the right to moderate all materials placed or to be placed on TRAINING.ACADEMY, Users, that is, to monitor the content and quality of these materials and, if necessary, at its own discretion, without warning and explanation of the reasons for removing or blocking access to such materials. The Administration accepts no responsibility for any consequences of the moderation under the Moderation procedure.

8.2. The User agrees with the right of the Administration to restrict or block access to TRAINING.ACADEMY or to take other measures for the User if the Administration suspects that the User has violated the provisions of these Terms or the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine or the legal rights and interests of third parties. The nature of these measures, including the duration and level of access restriction, shall be determined by the Authority at its discretion and may be used without prior and subsequent notification by the Administration of such User.

8.3. In the event of a breach of these Terms, the Administration has the right to take measures necessary to protect its rights and interests, regardless of the limitation period of these violations. Thus, the inaction by the Administration in case of violation by Users of these Terms does not deprive the Administration of the right to take the necessary protection measures.

8.4. The Administration's right to Moderation is not a duty, but is the authority of the Administration.


Privacy Policy

9. Collection of personal information

9.1. TRAINING.ACADEMY can collect, store, processing and use the following types of personal information:

  • Cookies files
  • information about your computer and about your visit and use of TRAINING.ACADEMY (including your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, operating system, visit duration, number of pageviews and web navigation);
  • the information you provide to us when you sign up for TRAINING.ACADEMY;
  • the information that you provide to us when ordering products;
  • the information you provide to us for the purpose of subscribing to our emails (including your name and e-mail address);
  • the information you send to TRAINING.ACADEMY for publication on the Internet (including your username and the content of your messages);
  • the information contained in any message or relating to any messages that you send us or send via TRAINING.ACADEMY (including the content of communication and metadata related to the message);
  • Any other personal information you choose to send us.

9.3. Before disclosing and using other person's personal information, you must obtain this person's consent to the disclosure and processing of this personal information in accordance with the Terms.


 10. Use of your personal information

10.1. The personal information provided to us through TRAINING.ACADEMY will be used for the purposes specified in this Policy or on the respective pages of TRAINING.ACADEMY.

10.2 TRAINING.ACADEMY and the Partner Partner in which you have started ordering at least once (clicked the 'Buy' button on the product page or processed a feedback) may use your personal information to:

  • administration of TRAINING.ACADEMY;
  • providing you with access to the goods / works / services contained in TRAINING.ACADEMY;
  • sending you email and sms messages;
  • sending you emails;
  • Making phone calls for about him goods / works / services;
  • providing third parties with statistical information about TRAINING.ACADEMY users (while these third parties can not identify individual users from the provided TRAINING.ACADEMY information);
  • Processing requests and complaints related to you on TRAINING.ACADEMY;
  • keeping TRAINING.ACADEMY safe and preventing fraud;
  • use of the information provided by you in third-party services for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns;
  • Use of information provided by you for analytical work.

 11. Disclosure of personal information

11.1. TRAINING.ACADEMY may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, Expert-pasrtners, officers, insurance companies, professional consultants, agents, suppliers or subcontractors, within reasonable limits, based on the need for the purposes set forth in this Policy.

11.2. We may disclose your personal information to any member of our group of companies to the extent that this is reasonably necessary for the purposes set forth in this Policy.

11.3. We may disclose your personal information:

  • in the case when we are obliged to do so in accordance with the law;
  • in connection with any current or future litigation;
  • in order to establish, implement or protect our legal rights (including providing information to third parties in order to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk);
  • to any person who we reasonably believe and there are reasons to believe that he or she may apply to the court or other competent authority for the disclosure of this personal information, where, in our opinion, such a court or authority will be able to insist with sufficient degree of certainty on disclosure of this personal information

11.4. Except as provided for in this Policy, we will not provide your personal information to third parties.

 12. Security of your personal information

12.1. We will use reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent any loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.

12.2. We will store all personal information that you provide on our secure (password and firewall) servers.

12.3. You acknowledge that the transmission of information over the Internet is inherently unsafe and we can not guarantee the security of data transmitted over the Internet.

 13. Changes

13.1. We can update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version of TRAINING.ACADEMY.

13.2. You must review this Policy from time to time to make sure you agree with any changes to this Policy.

 14. Your rights

14.1. You can instruct us to provide you with any personal information that we store about you.

14.2. We may refuse any personal information that you request, within the limits permitted by law.

14.3. You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the use of personal information (personal data). To do this, you just need to send an e-mail, with a note in the subject line of the "Personal data", at info@training.academy. The User's withdrawal of the consent specified in this clause is equivalent to the User's personal written request and as a consequence the removal of the User Account from TAINING.ACADEMY and as a consequence of the termination of the provision of services through TRAINING.ACADEMY, without loss of damages and refund of the paid-up funds.


Final provisions

If the User does not agree to any of the provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions and / or in the above mentioned position, he undertakes to immediately cease viewing or any other use of TAINING.ACADEMY and the Services.

All disputes between the User and the Administration are resolved through negotiations, and in case of impossibility of such a settlement, in court, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The relations between the Client and the Partner-Expert are regulated by a separate document, the Offer Agreement between the Client and the Expert-Partner

The relations between the Parties under these Terms are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

TRAINING.ACADEMY is entitled to unilaterally modify and / or update the Terms at any time, without notice. The User undertakes to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time to know about their changes and updates. All changes to these Conditions come into force on the date they are published on the TRAINING.ACADEMY website (https://training.academy/terms).If the User registers, uses TRAINING.ACADEMY, makes an order or otherwise interacts with the Administration, he agrees with all the provisions of these Terms in the version in force (in force) at this moment.