European Circular Economy Forum

European Circular Economy Forum

European Circular Economy Forum

The Forum will get together leading experts in circular economy and industries pioneers from the EU and Eastern Europe.

In order to make a real shift towards more sustainable built environment, we have to create a capable ecosystem of change-makers – innovators, businesses, governments and civil society, committed to circular economy principles.

Our Forum will hold four main panels:

Circular Cities
Dramatic urbanization is foreseen to make big cities centers of life, consumption and sometimes even production. In cities thousands of material flows and value chains of diverse sectors are interconnected to provide our comfort of life. Ironically, those logistical, industrial and consumer-related processes and networks have been damaging natural environment, polluting waters, air and eventually lowering the quality of life.

There is no doubt cities will further expand. But could this be continued in a sustainable way? How can we reduce our impact and reuse materials in cities? Which innovations and solutions are needed and how can citizens contribute to creation of sustainably built environment?
Circular Fashion
World's second largest polluting industry needs a global rethink. In the era of massive consumerism, brands often compete in a pricing war and numbers of collections per year. This has brought them to developing countries, where rather irresponsible production facilities are being located. In addition, most of customers rarely think of their impact while buying trendy clothing every couple of months. How this can be changed and who has to start a change? Are there examples to follow from the Brands side? What is the designers' role in making fashion more sustainable?
Circularity in Agri&Food
If 'food waste' were a country, it'd be on 3rd place by global warming effect after the USA and China. As well as we're wasting ready food, lots of agricultural byproducts are usually left aside without use. In fact, those afterharvest residues, for example, could become a valuable source of biobased packaging, paper, fertilizers or energy. We will listen to various Agri&Food value network actors about how to change the situation and use the opportunities.
Advanced Waste Management Technologies and Logistics
Ukraine is probably the only European country where nearly 93% of household waste ends up at landfills. Not so circular country so far. However, the same problem is still relevant in a way for Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and some other EU countries, where waste still exists and a significant part of it is not being used again or properly treated. We will ask leading development companies, technology providers and decision makers to describe their success stories, challenges and views on where Ukraine should start.

We are creating a strong governance for a substantial change. Become a part of it!
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