How to buy

TRAINING.ACADEMY is a platform designed to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their place of residence, has access to suggestions for self-development and training from the best experts and organizers of the Ukrainian market.

The platform's ideology is very simple, each expert or market organization organizer, following the preliminary registration procedure, as an Expert Partner, places for the acquaintance and purchase of its services on the platform, and each person who has become a User Platform and has agreed with all terms of its provision may to purchase and receive service from the respective Espart partner.

For the User (the person who plans to make a purchase through the platform) the main document binding prior to each purchase is the Offer Agreement, which offers the direct service provider. What does it mean? Before each purchase on the platform, on the page of the choice of the method of payment for the relevant service, you are invited to familiarize yourself with and agree to the terms of the public offer agreement, on the basis of which, the Expert partner provides its services to the Users. That is, the relationship and direct calculation arises exclusively between the User and the Partner-Expert, so you, as a User, can always clearly understand who and on what terms provides you with a specific service. The TRAINING.ACADEMY platform is a platform that provides technical means for such collaboration.

So, in order to purchase any service on the platform TRAINING.ACADEMY you need:

1. Become a user of the platform, that is register. Registration is optional for searches and acquaintances;

2. Choose the right product (service) for yourself. The platform offers a convenient system for searching and filtering products by city, theme, format, popularity, etc .;

3. Pay the service, having pre-acquainted and agreeing to the Contract of the public offer of the service provider (Expert-partner).

Please note that after successful payment you are considered to be registered and you will receive an automatic SMS / e-mail informing and an e-ticket, which is confirmation of the right to receive the service, except that this information will be displayed in your Personal Office on the platform TRAINING .ACADEMY. It is from this moment that there is a relationship between you and the partner expert who purchased the service. Such relations are regulated by the relevant Contract of a public offer.

All organizational issues are resolved directly with the relevant Partner Expert (Service Provider), partner contacts are displayed by e-mail with tickets and on the page of the respective Partner Expert in the section of the site

The TRAINING ACADEMY Knowledgebase focuses on the impeccable quality of products and services offered and provided by our Partner Partners. The platform includes coaches, business trainers, psychologists, marketers, business schools, associations, academies, training centers, coworkings and other experts and organizers who represent the Ukrainian market exclusively. We only work with those who share our principles and values. The business reputation of experts and companies represented by us and the quality of their products is constantly checked and controlled by us.