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Training Academy - User registration page.

Knowledgemall Training Academy is the first Ukrainian multiformat platform developed specifically for the market of training and consulting services. With the help of platform functionality, business coaches, coaches, psychologists, other market research and advisory experts, as well as business schools, associations, coworkings, event organizers offer their services: trainings, seminars, lectures, conferences, webinars and other educational events in formats. video, online, events, consultations, or corporate training on a paid or free basis.

By registering and purchasing services through Training Academy you get a number of benefits:

1. You can be sure of the reputation of the experts and the security of the concluded deals. All transactions and settlements are conducted through direct contracts and accounts of experts or companies that offer their services through the platform. Before you pay, you can always get acquainted with the terms of the offer agreement on terms of service and personal information, or the company that provides these services.
2. Your personal data is protected by the latest security systems, and their use is clearly governed by the Training Academy Privacy Policy, which must be performed by all who provide services through the platform.
3. All your orders, tickets to events, videos or online content are always available in your User Account.
4. Our information system will always allow you to keep up-to-date information on your orders, as it provides SMS and e-mail information about your successful actions, reminders of upcoming events, and online broadcasting, information in case of updates and changes in purchased events or online broadcasts. .
5. A convenient search suggestion system will allow you to clearly filter and select exactly what training or counseling you are interested in. You can search by topics, formats (online, video, consulting, event, corporate training), experts (organizers), in addition, restrict your search to a bridge of your residence or price.

Looking for suggestions on personal or corporate education, counseling, self-development or qualification development? Begin by looking at Training Academy!