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In this catalog leading coaches, psychologists, business trainers and other market research experts as well as event organizers, coworkings, and business schools teach to familiarize themselves with and sell their informational and consulting services both on a paid or free basis: trainings, lectures, seminars , transformational games, consultations, conferences, forums, offers for corporate training.

The multiformity of Training Academy platform will allow you to choose, register, pay for studies in a convenient format: video, online broadcasts, webinars allow you to study at leading market experts from any region of Ukraine and the world, live communication will allow you to get maximum training.

Each user can use a convenient filter system and choose a training that will satisfy all his needs. All information is clearly structured and allows you to display training offers in the catalog by subject, format (online, video, event, game, consultation, corporate training), specific expert or organizer, in addition you can always choose offers available only in your region of Ukraine. , as well as filter out offers by popularity or price.

Platform capabilities allow you to register, pay and get tickets or access paid content in a few clicks. In addition, by sorting out the price you can always find free lectures, master classes, seminars or other content offered by our experts.