How to sell

The TRAINING.ACADEMY platform offers a full range of convenient services to automate the work of your training business.

1. Present your company or yourself as a market research expert on the Internet at the first Ukrainian multiformat platform TRAINING.ACADEMY.

  • You get a personalized page for your online store with a unique brand address:{Name Your Brand}
  • On your personal page you can place textual information with description, a photo, a short videostream, your contacts, in addition you can add a link to your site and page on facebook.
  • The personal page is based on the principle of your personal online store where the information on you is placed at the top, and the shelves with your services are located below, separated according to the training formats: events, video lectures, audio lectures, online broadcasts and webinars. , training materials, counseling and corporate training proposals.

2. Place and sell your training services in a variety of formats in your own online store on the same platform.

TRAINING.ACADEMY provides Partner Partners with a range of features for creating, editing and managing their products in a variety of formats:

  • EVENTS: Trainings, seminars, workshops, lectures, and other educational events that take place in the format of live communication of the participants with the expert. The TRAINING.ACADEMY platform cares about all the details that maximally optimize your time and time for your customers. You describe the product, indicate the price, time and place and place the product for sale. Your clients will be able to register and pay online, after which TRAINING.ACADEMY will automatically send tickets and all necessary information and form a reminder. In addition, we have provided the ability to manage changes and convenient check-in.
  • Video: One of the most popular distance learning formats. Here we took care of everything. You still have to download your training video to a secure server, specify the period of access for which you give the client the opportunity to view the training material and the price, then the system will take care of your clients themselves.
  • Webinars and online broadcasts: We have integrated the ability to sell your webinars and online broadcasts that you organize through YouTube, ClickMeeting, WebinarTW, E-tutorium, etc. through TRAINING.ACADEMY, with your customers being able to purchase a ticket and take part in the webinar directly from your personal cabinet on the TRAINING.ACADEMY platform.
  • Learning materials: Want to sell your intellectual works in tutorials, books, tutorials, excel miniscripts, photoshop templates or AI? Please place the file, specify the price and the platform will take care that after payment of services your client could download the necessary file.
  • Consultation and corporate training: Here too everything is simple, please describe the service, specify the price, terms of validity and additional conditions for using the certificate. Place the product in your online store. Once purchased, your customer will automatically receive a certificate that can be used in accordance with the terms you specify.

And this is not all, because a flexible system of packaging your products in packages, will allow you to independently devise ready-made solutions from different products, or sell complex. multi-level curriculum, and the platform will take care of automating registrations and payments.

3. Promotional Codes

Do you like different loyalty programs? Then the adaptive system of forming the promo codes of the TRAINING.ACADEMY platform is for you.

4. CRM system

For the development of successful educational business, the ability to communicate with your customers is one of the most important aspects. With the help of the platform, you will be able to store the base of your customers and the history of their purchases in a single system, no matter what format and when they used your services.

5. Accounting of finances and payment of services of the platform

One of the most interesting moments of cooperation with the TRAINING.ACADEMY platform is that we give you the opportunity to arrange cooperation with your clients without intermediaries, which enables you to receive funds for your services on line, no delays with payments. Payment for platform services is solely post-factorial and depends only on the success of your activity through the platform.

6. Additional features:

In fact, listing all the additional features of the TRAINING.ACADEMY platform in this section is quite voluminous, but assure that we proceeded from our own many years of experience in managing EDUCATIONAL BUSINESS in Ukraine, and therefore provided the most up-to-date services that would come to the aid of every participant in the training market, or You are a great training company or you are an expert freelancer

Let's try to list some:

  • SEO optimization, which will allow your customers to find in the infinite information network the Internet is just you
  • Services are designed to increase sales efficiency. UTM tags, visible purchasing stage status, product stats, etc.
  • Convenient and understandable system of work

7. And what next?

  • If you are ready, sign up as a partner in order to work with the platform
  • Need more platform information? Tariffs, demo version, other?
  • Need help with the organization and sale of your training services, or other support services such as video shooting, organizing online broadcasts, developing a marketing strategy? We are ready to share your experience, email us at