Training Academy is a technological platform for automation of training and consulting business

"Оur goal was to create a product that would allow everyone, who provides training services from an expert, coach, psychologist freelance to large companies that organize events, conferences or forums for thousands of visitors to automate the processes of interaction with their clients in the educational business, and the client there does not get lost in the ocean offers.

Having previous experience in developing and implementing such products under the individual client, we realized that setting the technical task for the development team, implementation, promotion, continuous improvement and support of own system is too costly and resourceful, even for large companies. We came up with partners with the idea to use our experience and to create a single, for all market participants training, a affordable, user-friendly platform that would be constantly developed and properly maintained at the expense of sharing. So came TRAINING.ACADEMY "

Fedir Novosad, Co-owner and CEO, Training Academy


Training Academy - a technological platform for the automation of training and consulting business designed for business trainers, teachers, coaches, psychologists, experts in their business who want and are ready to share their expertise and qualitatively develop their training business in Ukraine, as well as for coworkings, producers, business schools, associations and other events organizers: trainings, seminars, lectures, master classes, transformation games, consultations, webinars, conferences, forums, etc. in events, video, online -translyatsiy, consulting and corporate training.

The platform was invented, created and maintained by a team of specialists specifically for the training market. Deep understanding of the specifics of this market by the founders Training Academy, has clearly defined and implemented the full range of necessary functions for the full automation of customer interaction processes, while the simplicity and responsiveness of the system allows you to manage your training business from your phone or PC, even without the involvement additional employees.

With the development of the platform, it was integrated with a number of advanced services, with world names, which have been tested before in work for years. In this way, Vimeo provides uninterrupted access and protection of video content, WayForPay provides and protects payment transactions. In addition, a number of specialized services such as Mailgun, TurboSMS, YouTube, Google, Comodo and others make Training Academy a complete, reliable and secure platform.

Much attention was paid to end users, Training Academy users who purchase services through the platform. Convenient search and filtering system for offering instant payment in various ways, a personal cabinet where the history of orders and purchased services is stored, the system automatically informs users about actions that directly affect their order, and many additional services that support the user on the way to obtaining the main services. Well, of course, the registration of direct contracts of offer and payments with service providers.

TRAINING.ACADEMY platform capabilities will help you keep up with the times ahead of the market:

1. Create pages of your activities and services

You can sell trainings, lectures, seminars, online broadcasts, webinars, video courses, games, as well as offer programs for business, counseling, coaching, etc. You can create multi-modal programs, sell actions individually or combine them into packages. By managing your window, you can represent the services as convenient to your client.

2. Automation of registration and payment

Your customers can register themselves and pay for services. Money is directly credited to your current account without delays, and registrations are stored in your customer base. If necessary, you can cancel the registration and return the money to the client with one click.

3. CRM - system

All information about clients is collected and stored in the database you manage. You can control the status of orders and payments, track the registration, count the conversion. Customer behavior analysis will allow you to make the right decisions, respond in a timely manner and properly plan your business.

4. Informing clients and reminders of events

Your customers receive automated reports on successful registrations and payments, as well as reminders of upcoming events. You can send individual or group SMS / e-mail messages to your clients.

5. Editing, transferring or canceling events

You can edit information about events and services. In case of transfer or cancellation of the event, customers will receive automatic notification of changes

6. Creation of promotional codes and placement of publications

The module for creating promotional codes allows you to flexibly create loyalty programs for your customers, and posting on the platform will allow one click to share it on social networks.

7. Automation of ticket control

Free Training Academy - QR mobile application for checking inbound tickets will speed up the check-in procedure up to 10 times! At the same time, the number of persons is not limited.