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Организация тренингов/семинаров/фестивалей. Популяризация современных педагогических идей и передового опыта в сфере образовательных услуг.
Обучение для зубных техников и стоматологов
Entrepreneur. Lecturer at Kyiv Mohyla and Lviv Business Schools, Maidan Open University, and Ukrainian Leadership Academy
Семінари, тренінги, вебінари для батьків, логопедів, вчителів.
Ukrainian educational platform, engaged in the creation and organization of educational programs in the field of neuroscience.
Organization and conducting of studies on issues of family and parental skills, bases of psychophysiological health, formation of social and business skills.
INSCIENCE — це організація, що креативно об’єднує освіту, науку та бізнес, місія якої — популяризувати науку й підвищити її цінність для суспільства, бізнесу та держави.
Integral psychologist, trainer for development of emotional intelligence, trust, cooperation, effective communication and peaceful conflict resolution in the teams of organizations, communities, educational institutions and families.

About marketplace Training Academy

Training Academy provides trainings, lectures, seminars, courses, lessons, conferences, webinars, counseling, coaching, transformational games, distance learning and many other training programs in online formats, videos, live events and games from business-trainers, coaches, psychologists, and other market learning experts.

You can easily pick and buy, convenient and affordable for you or your company format of training. Multiformat platform and the presence of such formats as Video and Online opens up new opportunities for training users from any region of Ukraine and the world.

1. Events - the format involves the transfer of knowledge in the form of live communication expert with a group of participants who are in the same training room, for example: training, seminar, lecture, game. In this section of the catalog you can choose where to go - events, courses on a variety of topics, including personal growth trainings, business seminars, psychological training, coaching. Many events are available for free registration for your personal self-development.

2. Online - viewing online video programs, webinars, lectures, conferences, training events in real time from anywhere in the world. Directly on the platform, you can access the online broadcast of various events, seminars and master classes.

3. VIDEO - format provides for online viewing of video courses, lessons, lectures, trainings, seminars and other training events in the recording, in a comfortable place and at a convenient time for you. Residents of any cities in Ukraine and around the world can buy the necessary video or access high quality free video tutorials.

4. Games - group board transformation games, focused on work with personal requests of participants. A wide range of prenatal games will help deepen self-development and open your inner world.

5. Consultation - the format of individual or group counseling in various spheres (business, psychology, relationships, etc.), including psychotherapy and coaching. The section of the catalog will allow you to select a consultant, a psychologist online and receive a good consultation.

6. For business - format includes corporate training programs for companies. Proposals are formed, above all, for HR and business directors.

Owners of shops at Training Academy are business trainers, consultants, coaches, psychologists and other professionals, each of whom has an impeccable business reputation, expertise and unique experience in its field, and also seeks to provide a "boutique" service to each client. Each expert is a brand who is responsible for the quality of their services by their name.

On the Training Academy platform you can use a convenient search system and filters to select the training programs for your needs and tasks. As a result, we have implemented the Format search (Online, Video, Event, Consultation, Game, Business), clearly structured trainings, seminars, lectures and other curricula on the topics, and you can find and review the products of the specific Experts / Event organizers / companies. In addition, you will easily find training available in your location, city or region of Ukraine and immediately purchase it in a way that is convenient for you.

Experts and the Training Academy team are interested in the self-development of our users, so we offer training and content for both paid and free-of-charge. You will easily find the necessary free of charge or buy paid educational content on the terms that are acceptable to you. Go to the appropriate section of the site: Publications, Videos, Online, Game, or Event and apply a filter based on the price or popularity of the curriculum.