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This topic covers offers from the best business trainers and sales market experts and negotiators. In this category, you will always find corporate and corporate trainings, seminars, courses, lectures, master classes and clubs for you, for which you can get qualitative knowledge, improve and develop your skills or improve the qualifications of employees on the topic of negotiations and sales.

The programs of this topic will be useful to business owners, managers and sales specialists, departmental executives, project managers, and procurement specialists, as they cover such issues as: sales techniques, telephone sales, effective sales, retail sales, B2B, B2C, sales management, sales psychology, customer orientation, service, work with objections, technology of negotiations, difficult negotiations, manipulation in negotiations, internal negotiations, techniques of professional trading, negotiations with authorities.

Pick up and sign up for training in your own business and your company, offering topics covered by negotiation and sales training in formats such as online, video, event, transformational coaching game or corporate training.