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Business trainer for negotiations, counselor for the prevention of emotional burnout, family psychotherapist. Founder of the center for personal development "BAYKALOVE".

Since 2001, it has been developing and implementing curricula in areas such as change management, negotiation, emotional competence and cross-cultural communication, training and development of trainers and experts.

The total number of trainings has already exceeded 900 in the corporate and open format.

  • "Playing" negotiator - 10 years old accompanying, preparing teams for complex and conflicting negotiations. He acts as a mediator of conflict talks.
  • More than 700 hours of counseling in this area, hundreds of thousands of customers' savings.
  • Seven seasons, in cooperation with the European Business Association, runs the "School of Negotiation" project, which involved more than 300 employees of international and Ukrainian companies.
  • Annually, more than 35 companies order the corporate training in negotiations.
  • Over the past 5 years, the Kolichestva audience of negotiating projects has exceeded 3,000.
  • The author of the program "Master of Negotiations" is an integration approach to negotiations in the modern conditions of young Ukrainian business culture.
  • Author of training formats "Laboratory of Negotiating Case Studies" and "Cross Battles in Negotiations".


  • "Program for the training of systemic family counselors". Institute of Integrative Family Therapy (Moscow).
  • "Organizational arrangements". Institute of Integrative Family Therapy (Moscow).
  • Parent Schools Parenting Program. Center of Faleeva VV (Kyiv, Ukraine).
  • Bertha Hellinger's program for system family placements. Institute of Integrative Family Therapy (Moscow).
  • NLP Practitioner Course, International Erickson University, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Program "NLP in business"; Moscow Center of NLP in Education under the direction of Andriy Plygin, Russia, Moscow


  • "Development and Implementation of an Effective Business Strategy" (November 2005, NORDIC CG and P & P Consulting Company, Moscow - Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • "Modern methods of business management" (October 2005, Center of systems consulting and training (M.Palchik), Moscow - Kiev, Ukraine)
  • "School of Management Consultants - Level 2: Technology Counseling" (June 2005, NORDIC CG and Five Companies Authors and Presenter - D. Schusterman, M. Ivanov, Moscow, Russia)
  • "School of Management Consultants - Level 1: Organization as Your Tool" (May 2005).
  • "Couch School" - 4 modules (February 2005 - April 2005, Center for Coaching, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • "School of Management Consultants and Organizational Development Consultants" (Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation Author and Leader - A.I.Prygozhin - President of the Association of Consultants for Management and Organizational Development in the CIS ", Moscow, Russia).

Trainings for trainers:

  • Training for trainers "Art of Public Speaking", Erickson College, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Training for trainers, Syntax Communication Modeling Corp. USA

- Vladimir Butovich, General Director of Colgate-Palmolive Ukraine:

"Natalia Baikalova is the most effective negotiator for all of whom I have met for more than 20 years in the FMCG. Every time I encounter Natalia's trainings and as a participant in these trainings and as their customer, I note the impeccable quality of preparation, deep knowledge of the subject and high the level of focus on the needs of the audience.

In his trainings, Natalia gives not only theoretical knowledge, but also aims at zatrenirovyvanie participants real practical skills, which can begin to apply immediately. .

It is important that trainings from Natalia strengthen participants' confidence in their capabilities and help shape emotional stability during the negotiations.

Effectiveness of negotiations with the company's employees increased significantly after training in Natalia Baikalova".

- Nadiya Sirenko, HRD Vodafone Ukraine:

"With confidence, I can talk about long-term and productive cooperation with Natalia, as a business coach, organizational consultant and expert in the field of change management. In our luggage, a number of successful projects related to the development of the management team, the enhancement of the soft skills of functional teams and the formation of coaching expertise within the Company.

The basis of our partnership is Natalia's high professionalism, deep expertise, and an ecological approach in interaction with the participants.

The programs offered by Natalia focus on the values ​​of the individual as a key asset of the Company and are organically synchronized with the best practices of training and staff development".

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