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The world seeks innovative features and solutions based on understanding of the Human Nature ...
At BEEHIVEOR Academy and R&D Labs we help businesses and startups generate, research and validate disruptive features and solutions powered by fundamental scientific expertise in Life & NeuroSciences: Neurobiology, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Human Ethology, etc.
... and we bring them to life!
Our mission is to enable visionaries to create software and hardware products based on front-end research, as well as to increase awareness of the recent developments in the field.
We are the first platform in Ukraine which brings together scientists and developers for creating innovative products, using VR/AR, eye-tracking, machine learning, neurointerfaces. BeehiveOR offers a range of exciting opportunities for everyone who is interested in neuroscience, physiology, neuromarketing, and healthcare.
If you want to get a glimpse of what neuroscience, come to one of our public events.
For immersive study and hand on lab practice, join one of our courses!
If you are a young professional from STEM field who wants to contribute to the developing innovative products together, get in touch with us!

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