School of Practical Coaching Equilibrium

School of Practical Coaching Equilibrium

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The Equilibrium practical coaching school is a coaching tool that has been tested by practice and the author's methods of teaching the school.

We use the best practices and materials of the best practicing coaches.
We are 100% practice, not theoreticians. Teachers have more than 9,000 hours of personal practice. The methods that we teach are guaranteed to work.
Teachers are regularly trained.
Teachers use authoring methods, which are tested in practice.

Who are our disciples?
- people who want to become professional coaches and make it their professional activity.
- business leaders and HR companies. They learn to use coaching techniques to develop staff, increase employee involvement and effectiveness.
-psychologists and social workers who use methods and tools of coaching for more effective work with clients.
- all those who want to work out their growth zones, their installations, values, etc.

Our training:
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Professional Coaching
Team Coaching