Mykola Kuzmich

Mykola Kuzmich

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Expert in Information Technology, co-owner of "td-expert" company, Managing Partner, Full Stack Developer with Laravel

  • Experience developing PHP 5.4+ based software (OOP, MVC)
  • Using Laravel
  • Confident knowledge HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript (jQuery)
  • Good knowledge MySQL
  • Ability to work with GIT (BitBucket, GitHub)
  • Experience with REST APIs (payment services WayForPay, Liqpay, bulk SMS Services (TurboSMS) and Email (Mailgun), Social API, Google Maps APIs etc)
  • Experience with CMS Drupal
  • Good knowledge of Linux administration, Nginx + PHP-FPM
  • Good knowledge of technical English
  • Knowledge Composer, Gulp, Bower, high level of Photoshop
  • Confident knowledge monitoring software Zabbix

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