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This catalog presents educational videos of lectures, master classes, seminars, webinars, courses, lessons and other educational events on the most relevant topics for training. Buy access to video in high quality and self-education remotely at a convenient time from any corner of Ukraine and the world from the best business-trainers, coaches, psychologists and other experts in the training market. Access to video content, which is provided on TRAINING.ACADEMY, can be both paid and free of charge.

Often we ask ourselves the question: "How to choose a business coach to choose a further course of study or advanced training?". We face limitations when choosing an expert, since from the photos, reviews and descriptions we can not determine the charisma, the manner of communication and a number of other factors that are important to us. By acquiring access to the video, we will be able not only to receive useful content but also to become more familiar with the expert we need.