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Valentina Oleyarnik

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Nobody practically teaches us about the overall management of personal finances. Those who teach, as a rule, either do not have financial instruments at all, or have only one!

Therefore, I decided to professionally engage in this field, deeply studying all legal instruments, their pros and cons that each of them gives, how a person can start his way without having a lot of money. I have learned to help people get out of debt and form elementary skills in accumulating money. I help people to clearly define the financial goal and create an effective plan for achieving it.

It all inspires me!

I see the results. It's like the first steps of a child.

Why do you need to be financially savvy at all?

  • so you can create yourself a financial pillow without a chat
  • so that you do not experience, if temporarily you can not work
  • so that you can create yourself several sources of passive income and do not think more about money
  • so that you can travel more, buy yourself what you want

so that you have what to leave to your children,so that you feel free!And many more things, but all this unites one word FREEDOM!

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