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International Academy of Tutoring - an educational institution that offers education, community-based organizations, as well as parents and all those interested in developing children's and youth's professional development programs, effective tools and methods for working with children and young people, based on the individualization of educational and educational processes. Our programs are based on the traditions of English universities in Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the Polish Collegium Wratislaviense. We are trying to use the best modern world educational standards for youth development.

We are convinced that every person can achieve more if he or she will meet in the path of someone who will help her to direct her efforts towards personal aspirations, who will reveal the horizons, support for the dreams and at the same time provide concrete tools for their realization. Therefore, the methods of individualization in education are so important for our Academy.

At Academy, we help grow those who are ready to carry these ideas further, become inspirational, and contribute to the good of others through their actions.

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