Kseniia Borysova

Kseniia Borysova

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Donetsk Institute of Entrepreneurship - management of organizations

Kyiv University of Economics and Law "KROK" - training management

Isaac Pintisevich Systems - business trainer / business coach / business consultant

Continuous training at various courses, programs and trainings.


5 years in the restaurant business

1 year in supermarket management

7 years in the banking sector - sales department of banking products

Since 2014 in the training business

Since 2016 - the founder and CEO of "Big City Coaching Company", which has two branches - in Kiev and Baku.

Since 2019 - co-founder in IT-startup "LNS Academy".

More than 300 hours of management coaching

The author of coaching programs in support of women's leadership and entrepreneurship

Author of a large-scale sales training "Big City Sales", which was attended by more than 600 employees of 8 banks of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, commissioned by Western Union

Author of the business project on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for children "Big City Child", implemented in a group and individual format in Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Author of the training of emotional intelligence, based on personal experience of overcoming nerve exhaustion, emotional burnout and panic attacks.

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