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Hello, I'm Julia Koval, coach, gambling technician, master of transformational psychological games.
If briefly, in 2 words about what I'm doing: I will help to find answers, clarify and choose the best solutions possible in life.

For this I work in the following formats:

coaching - clarify the request, what is important now, at this stage of life and what actions can move towards the desired goals, results or clarity and understanding. Coaching - about awareness and promotion
psychological games. I have five. Goddesses in every woman about integrity. A labyrinth of reflections about the way out of difficult, intricate situations, about how to transform fear into a resource, how to reach a new level or stage of life. Lila Chakra: about the goal, the multivariate and multi-level ways and ways to the goal.
Metaphorical maps are looking for intuitive solutions for obtaining results in life and business. In the arsenal of coaching cards: 1000 ideas, 1000 lives, 1000 roads, the Money deck, Pockets and many others.
as a runologist I work with numinous archetypal images of the unconscious. It is very meticulous and averse to customers.
I appreciate the quality, clarity and order in the affairs and relationships, yet, responsibility, naturalness and sincerity.
How my games, trainings and consultations take place here https://www.facebook.com/pg/kovalcoach/photos/?tab=albums
Thank you in advance for your trust.
Appreciate yourself, your life and be happy!
Julia Koval

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